Why choose a Celebrant for your loved one’s funeral?


A celebrant helps you say goodbye to the ones you love without the need for a service in a church.

Many people wish to have a non-religious ceremony which is why they choose a celebrant. However, I am more than comfortable to include readings from scripture or of a spiritual nature in your service.

Who is this ideal for?


This is ideal for families who want to create their own meaningful goodbye with flexibility and freedom for personal expression.

How do I help you create a personalised ceremony?


  • You’ll never feel rushed – I organise a family meeting where we’ll talk at length about your loved one and you’ll have time to share their life with me.
  • You’ll have support – I help with a range of resources, including music and reading suggestions which means you’ll get more time to be together.
  • You’ll take it day by day – to avoid overwhelm we’ll create a ceremony script together, which means you’re in safe hands knowing the ceremony will be dignified, loving and true.
  • You can lean on me – I can help you craft a personalised eulogy which means you’ll feel reassured that it will be written exactly how you want and confident to give this public tribute to your loved one.
  • Your loved one’s memory will be portrayed with warmth and dignity – which means you’ll feel confident you’ve given them the send-off they deserve.

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