This is Me

This is Me

I create moments of significance in the lives of others which help tell the story of their love. I do this through my work as a celebrant at weddings, funerals and naming days.

As a celebrant you’d expect that I’m a great believer in marriage, but what may surprise you is that my own marriage was not for life. However, I believe more strongly than ever that love is the most enduring of all emotions.  Beginnings and Endings are all part of life’s journey, and it’s my mission to inspire you to commit, cherish and honour your love for each other every step of the way.

Who was I, before becoming a Celebrant? For 22 years I ran my own successful aromatherapy and massage practice, however, six years ago I returned to my original career as a social worker.  It was a difficult choice, as I loved the ability to help others with essential oils, but after 4000 massages, my body told me it was time to follow a more restful profession. As I turned 50 I had a yearning for more and wanted to continue to make a significant difference in people’s lives.


I knew there was more for me....

I knew there was more for me....

I loved my job as a social worker, but knew there was more for me…

Many years ago, a good friend happened to say, ‘you’d make a great celebrant!’ That thought sat with me through the years, waiting for the right moment to take shape. In 2018 the moment arrived to take action and not one to waste time, I stared researching and was enrolled on a course within two weeks.

Once I started studying, I felt the love of learning rekindle and a natural pull into the whole world of being a celebrant. It was an opportunity to help shape those life changing moments and be involved at the turning points in people’s lives.

I’ve always been a catalyst of change in the lives of others through both my social work and aromatherapy, so I feel I’ve been guided to this career as it’s such a natural fit.

So, what do I believe now and always?

So, what do I believe now and always?

Everyone has a story, whether it’s at the beginning of their life, at momentous events throughout, or at their final transition. I’m honoured to help people express their stories, having always been a collector and curator of thoughts and memories.

From the massage table to the office, I’ve listened to stories from young and old, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s our stories are our heritage. I treasure the chance to help people share this personal gift on special occasions as a way of expressing their love.

A wonderful Loving Experience

My husband and I renewed our vows after 30 plus years of marriage with Robyn Hoffmann. It was the most emotionally special event for us both.

Robyn facilitated a wonderful loving experience for us, our two children and friends. She ensured all facets were perfectly executed in a delightful setting. All the words were full of sentiment that resulted in the most wonderful experience.

We recommend Robyn highly for her professionalism, compassion and her love of her chosen career as a Celebrant.